Tips for preparing your suitcase

Once we already have all the details of our trip, we should make a list of everything we want to lead, not to mention any details. It is best to take a pair for every two days, a polo or shirt for each day, two pairs of shoes, underwear for everyday, swimwear and some little jacket or cardigan in case one day cools.

Travel tips on preparing your suitcase

We need to avoid carrying more weight than necessary or needlessly fill the suitcase. To prepare the case, we will begin to place in the bottom of the clothes that is not too delicate, and to do the most delicate oak. Some people instead of putting the shirts on top of each other, a few rolls with them to fit more in your suitcase.
In the spaces we have left we will be placing underwear and shoes (wrapped in a bag). The personal care merchandise should go in a toilet bag, not loose in the suitcase. We must also keep in mind it’s silly colony bring a bottle of 1 liter or larger bottle of shampoo. For travel, it’s best to give us what we want, but in a smaller version, Travel.

In most of the tourist destinations we can find a laundry, so you better bring a few clothes and then, if necessary, go to one of these centers to wash some of our clothes.
Finally, most travelers like to buy gifts for the family when we travel somewhere. The best thing is that we buy some food from the local cuisine, and so then we can invite them to our house to the can down, and see pictures and videos. So avoid that our suitcase weighs more on the return trip in the first leg.