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The interest for holiday packages to Sri Lanka are expanding at a fast rate and with the amount of visitors arrivals anticipated to build more the interest will go much higher. There are number of points of utilizing a holiday package over arranging your own particular outing. Sri Lanka is a nation with heaps of things to see and bunches of exercises to do, and in the event that you are going by from an alternate nation it is quite difficult to choose what are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Most tour operators have several packages to suit most people preferences. All in all they could be classified as wildlife tours, cultural heritage tours, Nature Tours, boutique hotel tours and adventure tours. Assuming that you are a small group of travelers you can customize your tour package to your particular needs too, despite the fact that top tour operators are quite not willing to permit this.

Down South Beach Sri Lanka

Dip your toes in the Indian Ocean along Sri Lanka’s pristine coastline, pitch a tent on the beach after a leopard safari and photograph blue whales on their migratory route to the Arabian Sea. – Exotic Beach Holidays







Marvel at endless green vistas of tea draped hills, explore ancient rock fortresses surrounded by jungle and witness fire-walkers in action. – Culture & Up Country Tour Packages




an elephant in pinnawela





Visit a 5th century fortress, get up close and personal with elephants in the wild and unwind on a palm fringed expanse of golden sand. – Sri Lankan Delight Tour Package

Sigiriya Paintings