Tips for traveling abroad

Today we give you a few tips for people traveling outside their country of origin.

The first thing you should do is check that our documents are in order, the passport that is not expired, and visas in the case of that request in the destination country.

travelling abroad tips

It is very important to read the brochures and notices of the consulates or embassies of the countries we are visiting, especially the health warnings. We should also familiarize on local customs laws and and because we respect the laws of the countries we visit and sometimes laws are not the same from one country to another.

We strongly recommend that two copies of our passports, one for our family and another will take with us in case we lose. Thus, the replacement of documents would be faster.

It is advisable to leave a copy of our itinerary for our family so that we can pinpoint if it is necessary or an emergency occurs, and we must be very careful with our luggage, with a focus on public areas.

I also recommend having at our disposal the addresses and phone numbers of the embassies in the countries we are visiting, and not to draw attention wherever you go, avoid wearing jewelry, expensive clothes or too much cash.
If you want to buy art, antiques and currency exchange, it is best to deal only with authorized agents, and if we find any problem, go to our nearest embassy.