Why ExoticLanka

Why you need to plan your trip with Exotic Lanka.com!

We offer only a very few trips, all with knowledgeable, enthusiastic leadership, custom high quality itineraries, and attention to detail.

We will make every effort to see that you are comfortable, relaxed & at home with us. You will experience a warm & friendly service, which is truly Sri Lankan & synonymous with Exotic Lanka.

Browse on, & you will see a bit of what you get by booking through ExoticLanka.com, why so many of our clients have become friends, why so many clients repeat, and why our best advertising is word-of-mouth.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country!

“7 GREAT REASONS to travel with ExoticLanka”

  1. Tour planning is done in Sri Lanka.
    Your tour planning is done direct with our people based in Sri Lanka. Who better to organize your trip and show you around than the locals?
    Get the best from your trip, whether it is expert local tips, insight to local culture and customs or necessary contacts that can only come from people who live in this country!
  2. Experience – Loads of it!
    Travel confidently, knowing that people facilitating your tour are veterans in the world of specialty travel in Sri Lanka.
  3. Private tours
    We operate our adventures privately. We design custom private trips for individuals, couples, families, honeymooners, friends & small groups.You can be assured that no outsiders will join your private Sri Lankan tour.
  4. We do not offer set departure tours.
    ExoticLanka.com is a unique website in that we do not offer set departure tours. We design each adventure vacation according the needs and interests of each group that contacts us.
  5. What you see is what you get!
    Land days – not air days. We don’t inflate the trip length by including your flying time. This deceptive practice is becoming common in the travel industry. Beware!
    We organize only ground arrangements. So you know you get the ‘most value’ for your tour.
  6. Freedom to choose the airline and routing of your choice.
    We don’t rope you into group flights or ‘no frills’ flights. In fact we do not sell air tickets! It’s your choice – use your air points rewards programme, fly business class, take the best-value budget airline, stopover en-route, come in a few days early, or extend your stay.Choice – you deserve it.
  7. Avoid the usual tourist areas.
    We try as much as possible to keep away from the more popular places visited by group tourists. We want you to visit a place instead of invading it.
    In a private tour, you will have the flexibility to stop at a place that may interest you and allow more interaction with the locals.


Sri Lanka Weather

Due to the location of Sri Lanka, within the tropics between 5o 55′ to 9o 51′ North latitude and between 79o 42′ to 81o 53′ East longitude, the climate of the island could be characterized as tropical. The central part of the southern half of the island is mountainous with heights more than 2.5 Km.

The core regions of the central highlands contain many complex topographical features such as ridges, peaks, plateaus, basins, valleys and escarpments. The remainder of the island is practically flat except for several small hills that rise abruptly in the lowlands. These topographical features strongly affect the spatial patterns of winds, seasonal rainfall, temperature, relative humidity and other climatic elements, particularly during the monsoon season. The Climate of Sri Lanka is dominated by the above mentioned topographical features of the country and the Southwest and Northeast monsoons regional scale wind regimes.