Guests Testimonials

 It was a great pleasure and thanks for the services. 
Abdullah Al-Ghunaim, Dubai
 It's was a fantastic holiday and thanks Exotic Sri Lanka Holidays. 
Adnan, Saudi Arabia
 Lovely beaches, Thanks Mate 
Jason, Australia
 Nice elephant ride and overall it was a very satisfying stay in Sri Lanka. 
Jon Bailey, UK
 Thank you for the discounts :) and the great deal. Keep it up. 
Jyothi Kumar, India
 Very prompt response and great service. Thank you 
Peter Lim, Slovenia
 Sri Lanka is a lovely place, Enjoyed my stay especially the beautiful beach. 
Rym Torkhani, Bahrain
 Very relaxing and mind soothing holiday. 
Shalya, Malaysia
 Nice stay, good hotels and service. 
Syed Rasheed, UAE