European cities for a weekend trip

The best three European cities for a weekend trip offers exciting surroundings, cultural events and spectacular majestic views. Capture the essence of the cities in an escape for the weekend filled with exhilaration, enthusiasm and touches of romance.

Below are the ultimate three hot spot weekend destinations.

Weekend European City Trips

Budapest, Hungary The capital of Hungary is loaded with historic landmarks, exquisite cuisine, the Royal palace, museums, the Budapest Zoo, amusement park and others located in central Europe. This majestic city offers nighttime entertainment to dance the night away at Rocktogon for rock and roll music, Piaf for jazz and Club Seven. Take a tour to the Danube Promenade and the Chain Bridge. Budapest has lively clubs at night and wonderful sites to discover during the day.

Vienna, Austria This enchanting city is nestled in the mountains of Austria with delightful market places and a friendly atmosphere. Vienna is a bright and colorful town with festivals, museums, amazing shopping and entertainment with live street music. Young and old go to visit this beautiful land of astonishing colors loaded with murals on the buildings, pubs and a lovely cultural experience. Listen to the Vienna Boys Choir while visiting for an incredible sound to remember.

Prague, Czech Republic Located in central Europe, Prague is a stunning city loaded with culture, music, romance, history, museums and lots of shopping and entertainment. Try some gourmet seafood at Kampa Park for phenomenal mouth watering cuisine, visit the Prague Castle, the Old Royal Palace or one of many museums exhibits of preserved arts and furniture. This exciting city has much to offer tourists and ideal for a weekend trip of passion.

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