Berlin´s street markets

You will quickly find a street market on your visit to Berlin, a cosmopolitan city in Germany. You can’t miss them; they are all over the city. You will find some that sell antique furniture, books, jewelry, all kinds of household items and many other items that will strike your fancy. You will also find the farmers’ markets, which sell not only produce but also a large variety of deliciously prepared foods.

Street Markets in Berlin


These organized groups of booths exist all over the city. Some of them are opened on designated days, others always seem to be opened. The market at Winterfeldtplatz opens on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The vendors display their products to attract the shopper. The smell of the delicatessen treats and freshly baked breads beckon the hungry shoppers.

Some markets will even provide music and entertainment to entice the shoppers to linger. The Kollwitz Square market is located near a playground. The children can play nearby while you do the weekly grocery shopping. You might even find time to sit at a nearby coffeehouse and enjoy an espresso. You will also find other places where artists congregate to display and sell their wares. On your visit to Berlin be sure to find a street market to visit. They are a great place to buy souvenirs. You can even haggle with the cheery vendors; it is expected. Berlin has a diverse immigrant population so take the time to sit and try some of the ethnic foods. Sit down and enjoy the activity of this city.

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